What are some benefits of running daily?

There should be no doubt that running as a form of exercise is an extremely healthy thing to be doing, as opposed to sitting on the couch watching TV all day. Running daily, however, has much more impressive benefits and can lead to a wide range of pluses in life.

Below is the list for benefits of running on a day to day basis. There are several reasons why you should start running if you haven’t already begun the habit. If you would like to get started on running and also happen to be flat-footed (yes, your foot shape matters), here is a helpful link to find the best running shoes for flat footed people.

Why run daily?

Massive health improvements

This should be a no brainer. Combined with a decent diet, running daily will train your heart for more immediate emergencies and also increase stamina as well as overall body composition. Your heart will beat stronger and also pump blood faster throughout your body, keeping you healthy.

As with body composition, running can provide people with that “toned” look everyone is craving. By exercising your muscles daily, they are getting stronger and are gaining endurance, which will in turn shape them to be sexy, strong muscles.

Weight and fat loss

People will put “weight loss” as one of the main benefits, but I also included “fat loss” because when running, or doing any sort of cardio for that matter, you also lose a significant amount of muscle. That is not to say running is bad, however. Doing ┬ácardio trains your muscles to endure more, while also making your body use up the fat storages for energy. This burns fat and when you are doing it on a daily basis, your body uses up more energy and removes that fat from your gut.

stepping on the scale

Stepping on the scale may be a daunting task, but running daily makes it more encouraging as you see your weight progressively decrease

If fat loss is your primary goal, be sure to run at least 20 minutes a day and combine that effort with a good looking diet.

Mental strength

This one is a little less obvious for most people. Mental strength seems to be the most underrated factor in all of fitness, whether you are trying to burn fat or gain muscle. People underestimate the power of mental strength and only focus on their physical attributes.

Well, the key to progressing is to notice your fitness levels and notice the progress that you are making. Running, in this instance, is very easy to notice and is a great help for mental strength. If you are running or jogging daily, you will notice your stamina increase over a period of time, and thus give you more confidence to keep going with your program. You will also notice the weight and body fat percentage going down over some time, which is encouraging for people that are not so fit to begin with.

Stress reducer

Another big reason to run daily is to reduce your stress levels. Whether you run every morning or you run later in the afternoon after work, stress levels these days are always high. So running alleviates that by making your body exert energy and keep stress levels down as you focus on something more intensive.

Running in the morning is beneficial because you will feel mighty all day knowing you just did something really healthy that the majority of Americans, according to this study, do not do. Running after work or school is also beneficial because you just did all that work and study, and now you have something to burn off your mind as you aim for a healthier lifestyle.


Nike Kaishi For Running?

The Nike Kaishi Run is an interesting shoe. It does look a lot like the Nike Roshes, but more for running if that makes sense. Below is a very good and detailed video on the Kaishi Run, that details on whether or not is a decent shoe to run with.

Short Ab Workout #1

You need to be working out as much as you can, as long as you are properly rested and are capable of doing so. That means each part of your body needs the exercise in order to maintain good form and have a decent all-around body.

Embedded is a short ab workout for you ladies out there that want a tighter and flatter core. We will incorporate more exercises and tips to maintain a fit lifestyle.


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